WA Plastic Ban – Is Your Business Ready?

WA Plastic Ban – Is Your Business Ready?


Monday April 4, 10am – 11:30am

To help ensure our business community is aware and prepared for the WA Plastic Ban coming into effect 1 July 2022, the City of Swan in collaboration with the EMRC, have created an online event focused on how to implement reusable systems as alternatives to single-use plastic.
Local case studies with innovative yet simple to replicate initiatives have been selected to share their experience and knowledge. In addition, the following service providers will be available to answer all your questions about reusable networks, organics collection and how to implement sustainable food/waste practices:
·       Donut Waste
·       Go2Cup
·       Our Kinds
·       Renome
·       Responsible Cafes
·       WA Plastic Free

Monday 4th April, 2022
10am – 11:30am
Zoom online – Webinar

Register your attendance via this Eventbrite link or for more information about this event.

Businesses in the City of Swan who attend the event and fill out the post-webinar survey will go into the draw to win one of the following:
·       50% off Renome 25 Cup starter pack (Limited to 15)
·       45 minutes waste and sustainability consultation and resource pack by Donut
Waste and Responsible Cafes (Limited to 5)
For resources and information about the ban visit: https://plasticsbanwa.com.au/

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