RE: Notification of Works – Beringarra Avenue, Malaga

The City of Swan advises that it will shortly commence road rehabilitation works on Beringarra Avenue, between Mulgul Road and Victoria Road in Malaga. Please refer to the attached plan showing the location and extents of works.

Works are anticipated to begin on Wednesday 17th February 2020 and will be substantially completed within five (5) weeks of commencement. The works may be extended in the event of inclement weather, contractor’s availabilities and/or unforeseen conditions.

To accommodate the works and to ensure the safety of the construction staff and general public, a temporary road closure will be put in place on Sunday 28th February, Monday 1st March and Sunday 7th March 2021 between 7:00am and 5:00pm to allow road rehabilitation and asphalt works. Access for local traffic will be provided as required. The remainder of the works will be carried out under stop-slow traffic management to maintain access to nearby businesses.

To enable the road rehabilitation works, some irrigation on the verges that are close to the kerbs will be temporarily capped for the duration of the project. The City’s external contractor may be in contact with your business within the coming days to obtain information regarding your current irrigation systems.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the works please do not hesitate to contact the supervisor Colin Leek on 0419 044 928 or the Project Manager, Raza Niaz on 9267 9323 or email, Thank you for your time and attention.

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