The Malaga Crime Management Forum (MCMF)

The MCMF was established in 2005 as a partnership between West Australian Police, the City of Swan and the Malaga and Districts Business Association (MDBA).

Under the National Community Crime Prevention Programme the MCMF have received Federal funding (2006-2009) the Attorney’s General Office.

The main goal of this project is to provide the support needed to prevent crime and achieve a safer, more secure community. This project is an extension of an existing community safety project focused on the industrial suburb of Malaga. It aims to build upon and expand the scope of the existing project with a focus on engagement with communities affected by crime and antisocial behaviour and partnerships with key stakeholders.

In an effort to achieve our long term goal lowering the perception of crime and to help the Malaga Business community feel safer the following initiatives have been implemented:

CCTV cameras: At present we implemented our CCTV installation strategy in confidential locations, each camera is installed with its own laptop and storage device.

The MCMF have purchased 15 signs and 13 are installed in key entrance points around Malaga stating that they are coming into a CCTV surveillance zone. Exact wording is MALAGA CRIME WATCH Video Surveillance in use in this area.

The MCMF have set up an exclusive report crime email address to all Malaga business residents:
We have the use of two portable CCTV cameras, from the City Of Swan, to assist businesses for surveillance of their premises on a short term basis. This service is free.

The project is both special and innovative with a joint collaborative approach to crime prevention, intelligence gathering and community safety being utilised involving, local businesses, police and local government. The use of intelligence led policing strategies supported by community based infrastructure has allowed this project to enjoy remarkable and sustained success. Using a partnership approach to crime prevention the project achieved significant results as outlined in this application.

The target group for the MCMF project is the Malaga Business District Community. This community consists of 2200 business which range from industrial, manufacture, commercials and retail. The Malaga Business district is about 660ha in size and has a workforce of 10,000 people. MCMF’s implemented strategies aim to assist in reducing burglaries, vehicle theft, graffiti and illegal rubbish dumping.

The MCMF also endeavour to educate local businesses in crime prevention.

The Malaga Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy mission statement is:

“Working together to prevent and reduce crime,increase community safety and enhance the quality of life for the Malaga business community”

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